Our portfolio is as diverse as our members. From thought leadership campaigns to masterplans for new towns and detailed designs for social housing, they all share one thing in common. A determination to tackle climate change and social inequality whilst delivering healthy financial returns for our clients.

Frank Bruno Foundation HQ

Boxing legend Frank Bruno MBE is creating an exciting new UK headquarters for his mental health and wellbeing foundation in Barking and Dagenham.

Sibson & EcoDynamo

We believe there is a strong case for a new community with 5000 homes west of Peterborough, acting as a catalyst for levelling up within the OxCam Arc by completing the Oxford to Peterborough ‘Northern Arc’.

Fulford Green - A 21st Century Garden Village

The London Collective have created a vision for a new community at Fulford Green in Solihull. We believe it is a blueprint for socially and environmentally sustainable placemaking

Harrington Garden Community

The vision for Harrington will create 6,500 much needed homes within South Oxfordshire’s ‘Mini Arc’, connecting market towns with enterprise hubs. Rooted in it’s historical context yet designed for the future, every aspect of the planning and design responds to the biggest issue facing us all. The future of our planet.

Clarion - Special Projects

Clarion is the largest Housing Association in the country and the Special Projects team are responsible for a number of small sites. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team to deliver a detailed planning application for 100% affordable housing in Surrey, in order to drive social and environmental innovation and design quality.

The Future of Health and Wellbeing

We are delighted to have been Highly Commended by the judges for the prestigious Wolfson Economics Prize 2021 – Planning and Designing the Hospital of the Future.

#ParkPower – The Future of London’s Green Spaces

We asked Londoners what they love about their green spaces and their ideas for the future, and 3,500 people of different ages, abilities and ethnicities responded. Our conclusions, recommendations and design ideas aim to help local authorities make best use of their resources and developers create the most successful new parks.

Therme Group - wellbeing for all

Following approval in 2020 to build a £250 million facility in Manchester, Therme Group will be bringing their globally renowned wellbeing resorts to London, Scotland and Wales, representing a major investment in the health and wellbeing of the nation and creating over 3,000 new jobs. We are delighted to be working with them to identify the best locations and preferred public and private sector partners in London.

Wingate House

The brief was to convert Wingate House, a centrally located office building, to hotel use. With added floor area at the rear and a top floor extension, adding up to 30% to the existing floor area. The ground floor uses were to be retained, including the Curzon cinema and ground floor retail.