We conscientiously match client needs with member skills and the London Collective is likely to bring you a steady stream of work. With the volatility of the built environment sector, we do not guarantee projects – but we do guarantee networking, introductions and shared learning to put you in the best position for winning your next project.

No. Though we are by nature London-centric, our members work from around the world – and our clients come in from Manchester to Hong Kong! Whether working side-by-side or from afar, our teams are connected by cloud-based systems – keeping us all on project and up-to-date. You can work anywhere you have a good internet connection – though in keeping with our membership agreement, we do ask that you honour face-to-face meeting appointments unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Definitely not! We exist to scale up your work and collaborate where appropriate for greater impact. If a project just needs you on it, then you should keep it! However, there are incentives for successfully bringing in larger projects to the Collective. You will earn a finder’s fee of 5% on top of your day rate. You’ll earn 5% even if you don’t want to work on the project!

You set your minimum day rate. We incorporate the team’s day rate into project proposals and budgets. From time to time, we will run a project by you that is offering less than your minimum day rate as it may drive further business. At no point are you obligated to take on a project.

All members must have professional business insurance to cover Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. This is to protect you and the Collective against any costs that may arise from an error. Full details are in the membership pack.

Our application process ensures that our members are skilled professionals with an ethos that matches our values: Decisive, Dynamic, Collaborative and Beyond Profit. We know and trust our members but the world is complex so clear guidelines are helpful. Our members are given a membership pack upon joining and sign a membership agreement. We will rescind the membership of anyone who knowingly brings the Collective into disrepute and will take further action where required.

A project lead will be assigned to each client project. Using a cloud-based system, all team members will be aware of their responsibilities and will be able to keep you up to date with the general progress of the project.

You can cancel your membership at any time giving a month’s notice. Equally, you can re-join at any time. Payments are made by standing order so you are in control. We are all ears and seek out progress, so we would love to know how we could improve your membership experience.

Not at this stage. The reason we have the differentiation is that at our core, we are built environment professionals and have the know-how and the network to build an impactful introductions list for built environment professionals. Humility keeps us from claiming we can hand-craft the career plan of a videographer or graphic designer! What we offer our Creatives is access to an ongoing pool of projects and links to our experts who may need your help for a day or on an ongoing basis.

If you are a Creative with long-term experience in the sector, we may make an exception but this is on a case by case basis.

We have recently introduced a Business level membership where more than one Expert from an organisation can join. You choose who attends the monthly meetings with one representative per meeting. Each member has access to the digital channels and branded assets. The monthly membership fee for Business level is £45 each (excl VAT).