London Collective members Better Delivery have published this new ebook Better Delivery – Beyond MMC

Aiming to shift the dial when it comes to the debate around Modern Methods of Construction, their manifesto was launched an event where Government and industry figures debated the future of delivery #BeyondMMC.

Jamie Parr, Founder of Better Delivery said at the event

“We believe that to unlock the potential of MMC, we need to stop the narrow focus on building systems and focus on the overall process instead. Before discussing how we are going to build we need to understand what we are trying to achieve and define the desired outcomes (sustainability targets, social value, whole life cost, carbon, regulatory environments & compliance).

This will lead us towards the optimum solution for construction and delivery. MMC is an enabler for positive change and better outcomes, not an outcome in its own right, and we need better data to demonstrate this. This is the essence of thinking ‘Beyond MMC’.”

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