Hannah Smart

Director, edge Urban Design

Winner of the Oxford Property Festival Young Person of the Year for 2018, Hannah is a leader in her field and promotes high-quality development and regeneration through her comprehensive and inspiring design process.

As an “ideas person” and with the desire to think outside of the box, Hannah uses her creative skills to think strategically and bring added value and energy to her work. She believes in creating narrative at every stage and engaging a design process that is interdisciplinary, follows a landscapeled approach and achieves imaginative placemaking.

Hannah recently featured in the BBC 2 documentary “The Newbuilds are Coming”, which followed a housing development through the Planning System; observing the extensive design process and detailed consideration that takes place behind the scenes of the development industry.

During her career, Hannah has been involved in, and led, the design of many projects including Masterplans and Visions for NW Bicester Eco Town, Oak Old Common, Earls Court, Royal Albert Docks, Mount Pleasant and Wood Wharf. She has successfully designed and delivered mixed-use masterplans of between 1 and 20,000 units in the South East, predominantly Oxfordshire.

Hannah is passionate about site finding, urban regeneration and creating vibrant high streets for our towns and cities.