Liane Hartley

Founder, Mend London

Liane is an urban planner and has worked as a consultant and writer on urban sustainability for over twenty years. Her focus is on the social future of cities and she writes about the emergence of the social city, place diversity and “Considerate Urbanism”. Liane specialises in building positive social outcomes from the built environment. She combines her personal interest in the social dynamics of cities and the future of cities, with her professional skills in strategy, policy, collaboration, and project delivery. Liane is a member of the Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Advisory Panel, High Streets Task Force Expert, and a Design Council Built Environment Expert. She is consultant editor for the National Preparedness Commission with a focus on community and urban resilience. She is an Expert Advisor for Crossrail International specialising in social value. Liane also has a column in The Planner magazine called Social City.