Mark Davy

Founder & CEO, Futurecity

MarkDavy founded Futurecity in 2007 as a culture and placemaking consultancy and a platform for the culture-driven development of our urban centres. He is a passionate leader driven by a commitment to cultural excellence in our cities and his commercial and intellectual knowledge place him at the forefront of the debate about the changing role and purpose of modern cities. As the Founder of Futurecity, Mark has won a large number of major culture and placemaking projects, across London and in other cities in the UK and played a leadership role in setting up new creative districts and neighbourhoods in London and elsewhere. He has raised millions of pounds of new funding for the arts by persuading the private sector of the importance of culture led placemaking and the role of the arts in creating new places. He has brokered new galleries, studios and funding for the Royal Academy, Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art and created the conditions for the English National Ballet to relocate to a new funded facility on City Island in London’s East End for property developer Ballymore.